The A-wing is an Aircraft that appears in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns and is unique to the Rebel Alliance. It can be found at the Airbase in Tech Level 4 if A-wing Research has been researched.

The A-wing is the fastest Aircraft in the game, but also the weakest. It is well suited for quick hit-and-run strikes, or as a fast scout, but it will quickly go down if attacked.

"A hit-and-fade fighter exclusively available to the Rebel Alliance, the A-wing can be built in Tech Level 4 once the Rebels have researched the technology to do so. A-wings lack the thicker armour plating of their X-wing cousins, but are specialised in their ability to execute extremely fast surgical strikes against key ground targets."
—Manual description

Notes Edit

The in-game technology tree description is partially copied from the Adv Fighter. As such, the A-wing is described as "Stronger than Fast Fighter", which is not true.

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