The Advanced Anti-Air Turret is an upgrade of the Anti-Air Turret, and is available in Tech Level 4. Like its predecessor, it costs 20 Carbon and 150 Ore, and can attack Aircraft.

Like the Anti-Air Turret, it can easily shoot down enemy Aircraft, but can be taken down in seconds by Heavy Weapons.

"The Tech Level 4 upgrade to the Anti-Air Turret is even better at eliminating any hostile flying units in the area. Its attack strength, range, and durability are all significantly improved — and its missiles even gain a homing mechanism."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

Originally, the Advanced Anti-Air Turret cost 20 Carbon and 100 Ore to build, and had 25 attack, but did bonus damage to Aircraft (a strange choice, considering that it couldn't attack anything else). The price was increased in the expansion, and the bonus was removed in favor of a higher base attack.

Gallery Edit

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