The Advanced Frigate is an upgrade of the Frigate, and is available at the Shipyard in Tech Level 4. It has slightly more hit points, attack, pierce armor, and range than its predecessor. It is available to the Galactic Empire, Gungans, Royal Naboo, and Trade Federation.

Like the Frigate and Lt Frigate, it is a scout that can detect stealthed units. The Gungan Adv Frigate is stealthed.

"Some civilisations gain the Advanced Frigate at Tech Level 4. It features further improved offensive and defensive capabilities, making it versatile in most situations. It can detect concealed units, such as enemy submersibles."
—Manual description

List of Adv Frigates Edit

  • Confederacy: Adv Scout
  • Galactic Empire: Adv Scout
  • Gungans: Bongo Adv Scout
  • Rebel Alliance: Adv Scout
  • Republic: Adv Frigate
  • Royal Naboo: Adv Scout
  • Trade Federation: S-HFRG
  • Wookiees: Adv Scout

Gallery Edit

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