The Air Transport is a non-combat unit available at the Airbase in Tech Level 3. As the name suggests, the unit is used to transport other units through the air. As a result, it can only be destroyed by anti-air units. It can hold five units in total.

"The unarmed Air Transport can move freely over terrain, deploying ground troops to any location. It is suffidently armoured to withstand some damage, but should it be destroyed, its contents will be eliminated also. To load units in an Air Transport, select them and right-click on the Air Transport. Then use the Unload button and click on the point at which you want them relocated."
—Manual description

List of Air Transports Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Many units that can be transported using the Air Transport are considerably larger than the Air Transport itself (such as the Assault Mech). Five units can still fit aboard the transport, regardless of size, resulting in illogical circumstances.

Gallery Edit

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