Aircraft are a class of unit, and are created at the Airbase or Fortress. Aircraft cannot be targeted by most units. Some units and buildings can only attack Aircraft (namely the Anti-Air Turret, Anti-Air Trooper, Anti-Air Mobile, Anti-Air Destroyer, and their upgrades), and some units and buildings can target both air and ground units (like the Fortress, Fighter, Air Cruiser, Airspeeder, A-wing, Geonosian Warrior, Jedi Starfighter, and their upgrades). In the expansion, Galactic Empire Assault Mechs can attack Aircraft if they have researched Walker Research.

Aircraft can only be converted by Jedi/Sith Masters, and only once Jedi/Sith Concentration has been researched.

Gungan Aircraft are biological (except the Air Transport), as is the Confederacy's Geonosian Warrior. All other Aircraft are mechanical.

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