The Anti-Air Destroyer is a Ship that is available at the Shipyard in Tech Level 3. It cannot attack land or sea units, but is very effective against Aircraft.

In Tech Level 4, it can be upgraded to the Hvy Anti-Air Destroyer.

"Though it cannot attack land or sea units, the Tech Level 3 Anti-Air Destroyer can quickly make short work of anything that flies."
—Manual description

List of Anti-Air Destroyers Edit

  • Confederacy: Missile Destroyer
  • Galactic Empire: Missile Destroyer
  • Gungans: Bongo Missile
  • Rebel Alliance: Javelin
  • Republic: Missile Destroyer
  • Royal Naboo: Missile Destroyer
  • Trade Federation: S-AAD
  • Wookiees: Liberator

Gallery Edit

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