The Bounty Hunter is a unit that is available at the Fortress in Tech Level 3. They are expensive, but extremely effective against Jedi/Sith. They are also able to see stealth units, allowing them to take down Jedi/Sith who have researched Jedi Mind Trick. If the enemy employs a lot of Jedi/Sith, Bounty Hunters are very useful.

"These intergalactic mercenaries may be recruited by civilisations at Tech Level 3. While Bounty Hunters can fight many threats, including Troopers and some Mechs, their true talents lie in combating Jedi and Sith units. Bounty Hunters are even equipped with advanced sensors capable of unveiling hidden units."
—Manual description

List of Bounty Hunters Edit

Note that, unlike most units in the game, Bounty Hunters aren't given their civilization-specific name when the player holds the mouse over their icon in the tech tree - they are only listed as Bounty Hunters.

Gallery Edit

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