The Cannon is a Heavy Weapon that is available at the Fortress in Tech Level 4. It is a long-ranged siege unit that is effective against buildings. It causes a lot of damage, so it can also take out units, but its slow shots are easy to dodge, so this is not recommended. The Cannon should always be protected by other units.

Its long range allows it to attack Fortresses and Advanced Turrets without retaliation. Cannons must be deployed to attack and undeployed to move.

"Each civilisation may construct its own powerful Cannon at Tech Level 4. These slow-moving, vulnerable artillery pieces cannot fire until deployed. Then, the Cannon's extremely long-ranged attack can easily destroy enemy buildings and Walls. Cannons are also effective against Ships, and their attacks can even he used to deforest areas. Note that Cannons have a minimum effective range, and thus are susceptible to ambushes. Also note that Cannons cannot move while deployed, just as they cannot attack while undeployed. It takes a few moments for Cannons to switch between their two states, and they are always produced from the Fortress in undeployed form. To use an undeployed cannon, click on a target, and the cannon will move to its maximum range, undeploy automatically, and fire at the target."
—Manual description

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