The Cargo Hovercraft is a unit that is available at the Spaceport in Tech Level 2. It is a trade unit that generates Nova by traveling between the player's Spaceport and another player's Spaceport. The amount of Nova depends on how far apart the Spaceports are - to maximize the income, the players should build their Spaceports as far apart as possible.

The Cargo Hovercraft is amphibious, allowing it to cross land and water. It lacks any form of weaponry, so it is completely defenseless if it encounters enemy units.

"Your Spaceport may produce these defenceless vehicles, which are used to exchange resources with other civilisations. The farther your Cargo Hovercraft travels to its destination, the more nova crystals it will return as profit. To begin trade, select your Cargo Hovercraft and right-click the Spaceport of an allied civilisation."
—Manual description

List of Cargo Hovercrafts Edit

Gallery Edit

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