Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Confederacy is a civilization introduced in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns, and has strong Troopers and Mechs. Their unique unit is the Geonosian Warrior, a biological flying unit. In addition, they have three controllable predators that can be trained at the Animal Nursery: the Nexu, Reek, and Acklay. This gives them more unique units than any other civilization.

Geonosian Diligence lets their Workers work 10% faster. Their team bonus gives the Confederacy and their allies a boost to trade. In addition, they can research Confederacy Alliance, which increases the hit points of their Spaceports and Cargo Hovercraft, and also lets their Cargo Hovercraft move faster, increasing their income from trading.

Geonosian Engineers lets their Heavy Weapons move and fire faster, and Droid Upgrades gives their Troopers increeased hit points and attack. The Confederacy have the second strongest Troopers in the game, only beaten by Wookiees with Self Regeneration.

Downsides include their weak Aircraft and Sith.

The player controls the Confederacy in the Confederacy campaign.

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