Confederacy campaign

Confederacy is the first campaign in the expansion, and must be completed before the Galactic Republic campaign becomes available. The player controls the Confederacy.

Count Dooku sends his apprentice, Sev'rance Tann, to steal the Republic's newest secret weapon: the Decimator. They will then use the weapon against the forces of the Republic.

"The dark clouds of galactic strife form over the mysterious planet GEONOSIS.
SEV'RANCE TANN, a Confederacy officer and Jedi Master, rushes to join her leader, Count Dooku, on the rocky surface. But a Republic counterattack looms just beyond the landing site...

—Campaign description

Scenarios Edit

The campaign consists of seven scenarios.

  1. Strategic Retreat
  2. Building the Army
  3. Perilous Dealings
  4. Pressing the Advantage
  5. Opening the Wound
  6. Into the Grid
  7. Sarapin's Fury