The Cruiser is a Ship that is available at the Shipyard in Tech Level 4. It has a very long range, and can be used to bombard structures on land, but is ineffective against other Ships, and can be easily taken down by Destroyers.

It can be upgraded to the Adv Cruiser.

"First available at Tech Level 4, Cruisers fire devastating artillery volleys at an extreme range, making them ideal for coastal bombardrnent. They are otherwise susceptible to aerial attacks or to quick strikes from faster vessels."
—Manual description

List of Cruisers Edit

  • Confederacy: Cruiser
  • Galactic Empire: Cruiser
  • Gungans: Bongo Behemoth
  • Rebel Alliance: Prowler
  • Republic: Cruiser
  • Royal Naboo: Cruiser
  • Trade Federation: S-CRS
  • Wookiees: Cruiser

Gallery Edit

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