The Farm is a building that is available in Tech Level 1. It costs 50 Carbon, and can be used by Workers to gather food. Initially, a Farm provides 175 Food, but can be upgraded to eventually produce 550 Food. These upgrades can be found at the Food Proc Ctr, which must be built before the player can build Farms.

Once the Farm has been depleted, it must be rebuilt. Rebuilding a Farm costs the same as building a new one. They can also use the "Build Farm" button at the Food Proc Ctr to pay for a Farm ahead of time; once the Farm runs out of food, the farming Worker will immediately build a new one.

"Farms are a renewable source of food, and require one worker unit to tend to them. Farms will eventually run out of food and then must be replanted. Researching new technology at your Food Processing Centre (a prerequisite building required for Farms) may increase the total amount of food that a Farm can generate before it must be rebuilt. Note that you may claim the deserted Farms of rival civilisations simply by sending your workers to them and right-clicking on the depleted Farms."
—Manual description

Trivia Edit

Farms look identical and have the same icon from civilization to civilization; the only exception to this is the Gungans, whose Farms look very different (see gallery).

Gallery Edit

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