The Fortress is a military building that is available in Tech Level 3. It costs 550 Ore, and attacks enemy units that come too close - both flying units and ground units. In addition, each Fortress grants the player +20 population, and lets them train units and research technologies. Most unique units are only available at the Fortress.

The Fortress does not need a Power Core to be powered.

In the expansion, most civilizations has their own Fortress bonus that improves the civilization's Fortresses. For example, the Galactic Empire builds Fortresses 10% faster.

Units Edit

Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4
  • Cannon
  • Air Cruiser (expansion only)
  • Dark Trooper Phase 2 (Galactic Empire only)
  • Hvy Fambaa Shield Generator (Gungans only)
  • Armored Airspeeder (Rebel Alliance only)
  • Elite Royal Crusader (Royal Naboo only)
  • Hvy Destroyer Droid (Trade Federation only)
  • Adv Berserker (Wookiees only)
  • Adv Jedi Starfighter (Republic only)
  • Elite Geonosian Warrior (Confederacy only)

Technologies Edit

Tech Level 1
Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4

"The Fortress is a heavily armed and armoured Tech Level 3 structure made entirely of refined ore. Not only can a Fortress effectively defend your base against most types of units, but it also lets you produce your civ's unique unit, and research a host of very useful military technologies - among these, the automated process that increases the speed at which all military units are constructed. Fortresses also produce Cannons, which are some of your single most powerful ground attack weapons; and you may use them to recruit Bounty Hunters, which are highly effective against Jedi and Sith units."
—Manual description

Gallery Edit

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