Galactic Republic

Galactic Republic is the second and last campaign in the expansion. The Confederacy campaign must be completed before it becomes available. The player controls the Republic.

Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon learns that Count Dooku's secessionist movement have gotten their hands on the Decimator, a powerful secret weapon developed by the Republic. He must battle Dooku's apprentice Sev'rance Tann to recover the weapon and protect the Republic.

"It is a perilous point in history for the Galactic Republic.
Fearing a collapse of energy production, Mace Windu, of the Jedi Council, orders ECHUU SHEN-JON, Jedi Master, to the secret world of GEONOSIS. Joining him on his quest is Stam Reath, an impetuous young Padawan with a zest for battle. The secessionist movement, under the control of Count Dooku, has never been stronger, and Echuu fears a Galactic Civil War may be upon the Jedi...

—Campaign description

Scenarios Edit

The campaign consists of seven scenarios.

  1. The War Erupts
  2. Power Play
  3. Never Trust A Hutt
  4. Laying the Foundation
  5. Temptation's Folly
  6. The Resolution on Krant
  7. The Taking of Coruscant (bonus mission)