Geonosian Diligence is a technology that is unique to the Confederacy, and can be researched at the Command Center in Tech Level 4. It costs 650 Food and 400 Nova, and lets Workers work 10% faster. In addition, they gain +2 attack against Troopers and buildings and +4 against Turrets.

The increased work rate is a useful improvement, but the cost means that it will take some time before it pays for itself. The increased attack is powerful when combined with Attack Programming, but Workers should still stay far away from the front lines.

"Geonosian Diligence is a Tech Level 4 technology that makes Confederacy workers even more versatile, increasing their work rate by 10 percent and upgrading their attack power both against Troopers and also against structures and defensive Turrets."
—Manual description


  • The Geonosian Diligence icon depicts a Geonosian.