The Grenade Trooper is a Trooper that is available at the Troop Center in Tech Level 2. Grenade Troopers are effective against Mechs and shielded units. They have an area-of-effect attack, which is useful against groups of enemies, but they will also damage friendly units in the target area.

If the player plans to use Grenade Troopers, they should research Grenadier Training and Explosive Yields Increased as soon as possible, to maximize their usefulness.

"At Tech Level 2, each civilisation may train these specialised Troopers that carry powerful, explosive charges. They are costlier than standard Troopers are, but their weapons damage all enemies in the area of impact. They can be very effective against Mechs."
—Manual description

List of Grenade Troopers Edit

  • Confederacy: Mortar Super Battle Droid
  • Galactic Empire: Thermal Detonator Trooper
  • Gungans: Gungan Booma Trooper
  • Rebel Alliance: Thermal Detonator Trooper
  • Republic: Thermal Detonator Trooper
  • Royal Naboo: Thermal Detonator Trooper
  • Trade Federation: Thermal Detonator Battle Droid
  • Wookiees: Thermal Detonator Trooper

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