Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Gungans is a civilization with strong Mechs and Ships, and unique upgrades for Troopers and Heavy Weapons. Drawbacks are that their Aircraft are more expensive and slower to train, and the Jedi Temple is less than impressive.

Most Gungan troops are biological (including the Pummel), so it can be healed by a Medic instead of being repaired by a Worker. Gungans should always bring a few Medics when they go to war.

The Gungan Frigate is submerged, making it invisible to enemy units unless they can detect stealth. Gungans can also build Underwater Prefab Shelters with their Utility Trawlers. The Gungan unique unit, the Fambaa Shield Generator, functions like a walking Shield Generator, providing shielding to all surrounding units.

The player controls the Gungans in the Boss Nass campaign.

"Comprising a number of different tribes, the Gungans are an amphibious race that is indigenous to the planet Naboo. The Gungans lack much in the way of traditional technology, but they have actually learned to genetically engineer various weapons and vehicles, and even beasts, that are just as effective. Their natural predilection towards water grants the Gungans an exceptional navy - in particular, their Frigates are fully submersible, and undetectable by normal means. Furthermore, the Gungans have the unique ability to construct underwater Prefab Shelters. They are a brave civilisation who are prepared to defend themselves against any incursions."
—Manual description

AI player names Edit

  • Boss Balam
  • Boss Ganne
  • Boss Maras
  • Boss Nass
  • Boss Nol
  • Boss Toora
  • Boss Urba
  • Boss Whorl
  • General Binks
  • General Bolle
  • General Softa
  • General Dunra
  • Captain Gek
  • Captain Marsune
  • Captain Rokko
  • Captain Tarpals
  • Captain Yunnda
  • Mekamok
  • Oma-Oma