The Hvy Anti-Air Destroyer is an upgrade of the Anti-Air Destroyer, and is available at the Shipyard in Tech Level 4. It has slightly more attack, pierce armor, and range than its predecessor.

"The Tech Level 4 enhanced version of the Anti-Air Destroyer is not only tougher and stronger, but its surface-to-air missiles have homing capabilities, making them virtually indefensible."
—Manual description

List of Hvy Anti-Air Destroyers Edit

  • Confederacy: Hvy Missile Destroyer
  • Galactic Empire: Hvy Missile Destroyer
  • Gungans: Bongo Hvy Missile
  • Rebel Alliance: Hvy Javelin
  • Republic: Hvy Missile Destroyer
  • Royal Naboo: Hvy Missile Destroyer
  • Trade Federation: S-HAAD
  • Wookiees: Hvy Liberator

Gallery Edit

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