The Hvy Mounted Trooper is an upgrade of the Mounted Trooper, and is available at the Troop Center in Tech Level 2. It has more hit points and attack than its predecessor.

In Tech Level 3, the Hvy Mounted Trooper can be upgraded to the Adv Mounted Trooper.

"Like standard Mounted Troopers, these more robust mounted units are armed with close-range weapons that are excellent against slower foes. Heavy Mounted Troopers are significantly stronger, and tougher to bring down. They can also detect unseen units."
—Manual description

Notes Edit

  • Despite what the manual says, the Hvy Mounted Trooper cannot detect stealthed units.

List of Hvy Mounted Troopers Edit

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

  • The original Hvy Mounted Trooper for the Royal Naboo was the "Hvy Kaadu w/Royal Trooper". Like the Gungan Hvy Mounted Trooper, it rode a Kaadu into battle. In the expansion, the Kaadu was replaced with a Tusk cat.
  • Originally, the Hvy Mounted Trooper had 3 armor. This was increased to 4 in the expansion.

Gallery Edit

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