The Jedi/Sith Knight is an upgrade of the Jedi/Sith Apprentice, and is available at the Jedi/Sith Temple in Tech Level 3. It has more hit points, attack, and armor than its predecessor. It can also convert enemy units.

"Full-fledged Jedi Knights and Sith Knights become a variable at Tech Level 3, and are much stronger than the trainee Jedi and Sith that are initially available. Not only can Knights absorb much more damage, but they’re even better in battle — and, more importantly, they gain the ability to convert enemy units to their cause. Click the Convert button and then click a target to use this power. Jedi and Sith Knights can master several other tricks as well, including being able to conceal themselves from plain sight — and detecting other units capable of doing so."
—Manual description

List of Jedi/Sith Knights Edit

  • Gungans, Rebel Alliance, Republic, Royal Naboo, Wookiees: Jedi Knight
  • Confederacy, Galactic Empire, Trade Federation: Sith Knight

Notes Edit

The manual suggests that Jedi/Sith Knights can learn stealth. Actually, only Jedi/Sith Masters (and Jedi Starfighters) benefit from Jedi Mind Trick.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Sith Knight icon shows him to wield a blue colored lightsaber, although his lightsaber is appropriately red in game as Sith lightsabers were usually red.

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