The Jedi/Sith Master is a Jedi/Sith that is available at the Jedi/Sith Temple in Tech Level 4. It is far stronger than the Apprentice or Knight, boasting more attack and twice the hit points. Note that the Master is a separate unit, not an upgrade. It is available to the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Republic, and Royal Naboo.

Like the Apprentice and Knight, it is effective against Troopers and Mechs, but is vulnerable to Bounty Hunters. Masters can pick up Holocrons, convert units, and even regenerates hit points.

The Master is a powerful unit. With the right upgrades, it can convert buildings, Heavy Weapons, other and Jedi/Sith, detect stealth units, and even gain stealth.

Galactic Empire Sith Master costs 50 more Nova.

"These masters of the Force are only available at Tech Level 4, and are much stronger and tougher than even their brethren Knights. Thus not only can these warriors rend asunder entire ranks of enemy Troopers and Mechs, but the Force gives them great powers indeed: They can convert enemy units to their cause, and masters of the Force may even learn to convert buildings and Heavy Weapons platforms."
—Manual description

List of Jedi/Sith Masters Edit

  • Gungans, Rebel Alliance, Republic, Royal Naboo, Wookiees: Jedi Master
  • Confederacy, Galactic Empire, Trade Federation: Sith Master

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