A-wingA-wing ResearchAcklay
Adv Anti-Air TurretAdv BomberAdv Cruiser
Adv FighterAdv FrigateAdv Mounted Trooper
Advanced EnginesAdvanced Flight SchoolAdvanced Generator
Advanced Harvesting ProgramAdvanced Power PackAdvanced Propulsion
Advanced RedesignAdvanced Scanning CapabilitiesAdvanced Turret
Air CruiserAir Cruiser BoostAir Transport
Allies and JediAltered BargainsAnimal
Animal NurseryAnti-Air DestroyerAnti-Air Mobile
Anti-Air RetrofitAnti-Air TrooperAnti-Air Turret
AquaHarvesterArmored PlateworkArtillery
Assault MechAttack ProgrammingAttichitcuk
Automated ProcessesBacta TanksBantha
Basic ArmorBasic TrainingBattle Armor
BeachheadBeamdrill Mining (Nova)Beamdrill Mining (Ore)
Behind The LinesBerserkerBerserker Jet Packs
BiologicalBomberBoss Nass
Bothan SpyNetBounty HunterBuilding An Army
CannonCapturing The CrownCarbon
Carbon Proc CtrCarbon RockCargo Hovercraft
ChewbaccaCloningColo Claw Fish
Command CenterCommanderCommander Locate
ConfederacyConfederacy/TreeConfederacy (campaign)
Confederacy AllianceCooling SleevesCreature Training
CruiserCu-paDark Trooper
Darth VaderDesperate EscapeDestroyer
Destroyer DroidDewbackDexterity
Droid AssistantsDroid UpgradesDurasteel Reinforced Support Beams
Efficient BuildingsEfficient ManufacturingElevation Tracking
Enh BomberEnhanced CarbonExtractorEnlarged Bomb Hold
EopieExploration and TransportExplosive Yields Increased
External Sensor PodFaith in the ForceFalumpaset
Fambaa Shield GeneratorFarSeeIn BinocularsFarm
Fast FighterFaster Growth ChambersFighter
Flight SchoolFoodFood Proc Ctr
Force InfluenceForce StrongForest Vision
FortressFrigateFusion Extractor
Galactic BankingGalactic EmpireGalactic Empire/Tree
Galactic RepublicGalactic Senate HubGalactic Trade Commission
GateGathering ResourcesGenetics
Geonosian DiligenceGeonosian EngineersGeonosian Warrior
Grassy PlainsGrenade TrooperGrenadier Training
GundarkGungan Creature ArmorGungans
Gungans/TreeHandheld CarbonExtractorHarvesting Program
Heavy WeaponHolocronHolonet Tranceiver
Homing SensorsHutt EndorsementHvy Anti-Air Destroyer
Hvy Anti-Air MobileHvy Anti-Air TrooperHvy Armor
Hvy ArtilleryHvy Assault MechHvy Destroyer
Hvy Duty Beamdrill (Nova)Hvy Duty Beamdrill (Ore)Hvy Duty CarbonExtractor
Hvy Mech DestroyerHvy Mounted TrooperHvy Plating
Hvy PummelHvy Strike MechHvy Trooper
Hvy WallHvy Weapons EngineersHvy Weapons Factory
Integrated RangefinderIon Accu-AcceleratorIrrigation
JawaJedi/SithJedi/Sith Agility
Jedi/Sith ApprenticeJedi/Sith ConcentrationJedi/Sith Knight
Jedi/Sith MasterJedi/Sith MeditationJedi/Sith Perception
Jedi/Sith PurgeJedi/Sith StaminaJedi/Sith Temple
Jedi Mind TrickJedi StarfighterKaadu
Kaminoan ClonersKaminoan RefitKrayt Dragon
Light ArmorLight PlatingLight Turret
Light WallLighter ArmorLt Frigate
MacroBinocularsMarket ControlMarket Insider Trading
MassiffMechMech Destroyer
Mech FactoryMechanicalMechanics
MedicMedium PlatingMedium Turret
Medium WallMonumentMounted Trooper
Moving and AttackingMuja Fruit BushMynock
Neimoidian EndorsementNerfNexu
NovaNova Crystal Proc CtrNova Deposit
OOM-9Opee Sea KillerOptimized Motivator
OreOre DepositOre Proc Ctr
OrrayOtoh SancturePermacite Plating
Portable ScannersPower CalibratorPower Core
Power Core ShieldingPower DroidPrefab Shelter
PresidiumPrimary Focusing CoilsPrincess Leia
ProbotPummelRaid on Spearhead
RancorRebel AllianceRebel Alliance/Tree
Redesigned SpecificationsRedoubled EffortsReek
Reinforced FrameRepeater TrooperRepublic
Republic/TreeResearch CenterResearching Technology
RontoRotation BearingsRoyal Crusader
Royal NabooRoyal Naboo/TreeScout
Self RegenerationSensor ArraySensor Beacon
Sensor BuoySentry PostShaak
Shield GeneratorShield ModificationsShield Wall
Sight Beyond SightSpaceportSpinnaker's Spoils
Star Wars: Galactic BattlegroundsStar Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone CampaignsStar Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Wikia
StimulantsStockpileStrengthened Assembly
Strengthened FrameStrengthened SuperstructureStrike Mech
Superconducting ShieldsTargeting SensorTauntaun
TaxationTech LevelTech Level 1
Tech Level 2Tech Level 3Tech Level 4
TechniciansThe Battle For Alaris PrimeThe Gungan Who Would Be Boss
The Search For An Underwater KingdomThe Siege of Otoh GungaTougher Armor
Tracking and Targeting ComputersTrade FederationTrade Federation/Strategy
Trade Federation/TreeTransport ShipTree
Troop CenterTrooperTrooper (class)
Trooper (unit)Trooper RecruitTusk Cat
Underwater Prefab ShelterUpgraded GeneratorUpgraded Med Droids
Upgraded MotivatorUtility TrawlerVaapad
Walker ResearchWampaWar Center
Wild FambaaWomp RatWookiee Ingenuity

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