MacroBinoculars is a technology that can be researched at the Troop Center in Tech Level 2. It costs 75 Food, and gives all Troop Center units +1 Line of Sight. In addition, all Troop Center units, except the Mounted Trooper and its upgrades, get +1 range. This technology must be researched before Portable Scanners becomes available.

MacroBinoculars is a cheap technology that will grant the player's units extra range, which can be very useful in combat. As such, it should be researched early.

"This Tech Level 2 technology grants all your Troopers increased line of sight."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

In the original Galactic Battlegrounds, this technology did not give Mounted Troopers increased Line of Sight. This was changed in the expansion.

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