A mech is a class of unit, created at the Mech Factory. In general, they are mechanical vehicles, thus their name, though in the case of the Gungans, their mechs are animals.

Each mech has a different purpose: Scouts are fast and light, ideal for scouting, hence their name; Strike Mechs are designed for medium hit-and-run attacks; Mech Destroyers are good counters to other Mechs; and, finally, Assault Mechs are slow and heavy, with a long range, ideal for barrages of enemy bases.

Primarily thanks to the technologies they have available, rather than due to their Civilization bonuses, the Trade Federation and the Galactic Empire boast the best Mechs in the game. As for the rest of the civilizations, it is to be noted that those that lack Technicians but can research Advanced Redesign have stronger Strike Mechs and Mech Destroyers. Those that can research Technicians, but not Advanced Redesign, boast better Assault Mechs (although not as good as the Imperial and Trade Federation ones); this is of course related to one bonus granting a fixed value and the other adding a percentage to the unit base HP.

Tech Level Availability Edit

Tech Level 2
Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4