The Mech Destroyer is a Mech available at the Mech Factory in Tech Level 3. As the name implies, it is an excellent counter to Strike and Assault Mechs, destroying them quickly.

Many of the arguably most iconic Star Wars vehicles are Mech Destroyers in-game, such as the AAT, Homing Spider Droid, and AT-ST. Mech Destroyers can garrison one small unit inside, such as a Worker or a Trooper.

In Tech Level 4, it can be upgraded to the Hvy Mech Destroyer.

"Mech Destroyers are Tech level 3 units that are engineered for the specific purpose of efficiently eliminating other Mech units — that is, anything built from the Mech Factory is vulnerable to these specialised machines. However, they are less effective against Troopers, Fortunately, they have a limited capacity to carry friendly Troopers into battle."
—Manual description

List of Mech Destroyers Edit

Gallery Edit

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