The Mech Factory is a military building that is available in Tech Level 2. It costs 180 Carbon and 25 Ore, and lets players train and upgrade Mechs.

Originally, the building can only create Scouts, which aren't particularly useful in combat, but lets the player explore the map. In later Tech Levels, the player gets access to Strike Mechs and Mech Destroyers, and even the mighty Assault Mech.

Units Edit

Tech Level 2
Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4

Technologies Edit

Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4

"First available at Tech Level 2, the Mech Factory is used by each civilisation to produce and to upgrade its mechanised fighting forces. The Gungans, who do not use vehicles as such, still use Mech Factories to outfit their powerful fighting creatures with various armaments. Mechs fill a wide variety of roles on the battlefield - some are powerful against formations of Troopers, whereas others specialise in eliminating other Mechs. Mech Factories are also used to manufacture each civilisation's Assault Mech. These, such as the Imperial AT-AT, represent some of the mightiest fighting units available. Mech Factories may also be used to research technologies that enhance the performance and capabilities of all Mech Factory units."
—Manual description

Gallery Edit

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