The Medic is a unit that is available at the Spaceport in Tech Level 1. Medics can heal wounded biological units, thus prolonging the life of the player's units in battle. The Gungans gain the most use of their Medics, as it can heal their Aircraft, Ships, Pummels, and other Medics. Medics cannot attack, so they are unable to defend themselves in battle.

The Medic is not available to the Trade Federation.

"For a small amount of carbon, you may produce Medic units that are specifically engineered to apply first aid and field surgery to injured biological units. Thus Medics can heal most civilisations' Troopers, while the Gungans' dependency on creatures means most any Gungan unit may thus be restored. See Repairing and Healing units on page 68 of the Appendix for details."
—Manual description

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