The Monument is a building that is available in Tech Level 4. It costs 3000 Carbon, 3000 Nova, and 3000 Ore, making it easily the most expensive building in the game.

In regular games, constructing the Monument will start a countdown. If the building is not destroyed before the end of the countdown, the player that build the Monument will win the game.

Monuments cannot be converted by Jedi/Sith.

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"A Monument stands as a testament to the superiority of your civilisation. Available only at Tech Level 4, this structure takes an inordinately long time to construct, and requires vast reserves of carbon, nova crystals, and ore to be built. Once completed, a countdown will begin during which time your rivals will invariably attempt to reduce your Monument to rubble. After all, if you can defend it for the duration of the countdown, you will then automatically emerge as the victor of the battle - as a commander who has managed to ensure his civilisation's dominance through relatively peaceful means. Note that Monuments cannot be converted by Jedi or Sith. Monument victories are only available in Standard Games and campaigns that call for them."
—Manual description

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  • The Rebel Alliance monument is based on the Great Massassi Temple. Although the temple was not actually built by the Rebels, it was used by them as a base and thus explaining its choice as the monument for the Rebel Alliance.