The Mounted Trooper is a fast melee combat unit that can be trained at the Troop Center in Tech Level 1, as soon as an Animal Nursery has been built. It is effective against Mechs and Heavy Weapons, but can be countered by other Troopers and Fighters. It is also effective at taking down buildings very quickly.

"This hardy close-combat unit comprises a standard Trooper mounted atop a beast capable of detecting foes that would otherwise be imperceptible — such as concealed Jedi and Sith. You must build an Animal Nursery before you can train Mounted Troopers."
—Manual description

Notes Edit

  • Despite what the manual says, the Mounted Trooper cannot detect stealth units.

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Clone Campaigns changes Edit

  • The original Mounted Trooper for the Royal Naboo was the "Kaadu w/Royal Trooper". Like the Gungan Mounted Trooper, it rode a Kaadu into battle. In the expansion, the Kaadu was replaced with a Tusk Cat.
  • Originally, the Mounted Trooper had 3 armor. This was increased to 4 in the expansion.

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