The Ore Processing Center is a building that is available in Tech Level 1. It costs 100 Carbon, and is a drop-off point for Ore. It can also research improvements to increase Ore gathering speed. Ore Processing Centers should be built as close as possible to Ore Deposits to reduce the time needed for Workers to drop off resources.

In Tech Level 4, the Trade Federation have access to Fusion Extractor at the Ore Processing Center, which will let them gather Ore faster than anyone else in the game.

Technologies Edit

Tech Level 2
Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4

"Ore Processing Centres should be built close to the purple-hued resource they're designed to collect. A derivative of ore, known as DuraSteel, is a dense compound used mainly for defensive structures, such as Walls, Turrets, and Shield Generators — as well as Fortresses. Ore may not be initially important to a civilisation, but by Tech Level 3 it will begin to figure much more prominently. Ore Processing Centres are also used to research better mining technology, to improve ore-gathering operations."
—Manual description

Gallery Edit

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