The Power Core is a building that is available in Tech Level 1. It costs 200 Carbon, and provides power to surrounding buildings.

Unpowered buildings will only create units and research technologies at 25% of the speed of a powered building, and Shield Generators need power to generate a shield. Note that the Command Center and Fortress do not require a Power Core to have power.

In the expansion, the Power Core can also train Power Droids and research technologies.

Units Edit

Tech Level 1

Technologies Edit

The technologies are only available in the expansion.

Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4

"Power Cores give energy to all powered buildings in a wide radius, letting them produce units and research technologies at maximum efficiency. In turn, buildings that require power but are beyond the range of a Power Core will work much more slowly - at only 25 percent of their powered state. This means that creating units and researching upgrades will take 75 percent longer without a Power Core. In particular, Shield Generator structures will not function at all without a Power Core. Be sure that all your production facilities and research facilities are powered at all times. Note that while resource facilities that collect ore, nova, food and carbon do not need a Power Core in order to operate at full effectiveness, the upgrades available at these facilities will research 75 percent faster if the facilities are powered. Some buildings are either self-powered or do not require power at all; these include your Command Centre, Prefab Shelters, Farms, Walls, defensive Turrets, AquaHarvesters, and Fortresses.

The are several ways to check if a building is getting power from a nearby Power Core. First, you can click on the Power Core and see if the building is inside or touching the blue radius that appears around the Power Core. Secondly, powered buildings have a glowing green light, while unpowered buildings have a blinking red light. Lastly, by clicking on the building itself, you can check to see if the Power Indicator is lit. This is found just above the building description.

—Manual description

Notes Edit

The manual claims that "creating units and researching upgrades will take 75 percent longer without a Power Core". Since unpowered buildings only operate at 25% efficiency, it will actually take 300% longer.

Gallery Edit

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