The Prefab Shelter is a building that is available in Tech Level 1. It costs 25 Carbon, and provides 5 population to the player. Players will have to build Prefab Shelters to create units beyond their current population limit.

Note that, unlike most buildings, the Prefab Shelter has three designs per civilization (see gallery). There is no gameplay difference between the Prefab Shelters.

Civilization bonuses Edit

Manual Edit

"These inexpensive facilities are typically used by a civilisation to house its forces, and each one can supply five units of any kind, from workers to Troopers to Aircraft. Two other buildings can also increase your population limit — the Command Centre and the Fortress — but the Prefabricated Shelter is the quickest, most inexpensive, generally most viable means of doing so.

You can never build more units than your population limit allows. Keep frequent watch over this population limit, which you'll find in the upper-right hand corner of the Interface Bar. The Population Indicator will flash when you’ve reached the limit and need to increase it — ideally, though, you should anticipate reaching the limit and increase it before your unit production grinds to a halt.

If your Prefab Shelters are attacked and destroyed, you don't lose units that exceed the resulting lower population limit — but you do need to rebuild the Prefab Shelters before you can continue to produce more forces.

Gungans are uniquely capable of constructing Prefab Shelters under water, using their Utility Trawlers. These Prefab Shelters are otherwise functionally identical to terrestrial ones.

The Trade Federation does not have to build Prefab Shelters — its mechanised forces can be packed away, and do not need housing.

—Manual description

Gallery Edit

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