Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Rebel Alliance is a civilization with strong Aircraft and Troopers. Their unique unit is the Airspeeder, an Aircraft that is good against Mechs. In the expansion, they can also train the A-wing, the fastest Aircraft in the game.

They have a lot of upgrades for their Troopers and Aircraft. Their unique technology, Tougher Armor, increases the hit points of their Troopers.

Downsides are their Mechs Heavy Weapons, which lack a lot of commonly available upgrades.

The player controls the Rebel Alliance in the Princess Leia campaign.

"Once just a small underground movement to suppress the expansion of the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance grew to become the Empire's greatest threat. The Rebel Alliance is particularly renowned for its air force and its extraordinary pilots. However, the Rebels are a powerful, industrious faction all around — even their modest worker droids are exceptional, in that they can gather food from Farms at a slightly faster rate than any other civilisation."
—Manual description

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