The Repeater Trooper is an upgrade of the Hvy Trooper, and is available at the Troop Center in Tech Level 4. It has slightly more hit points, and a lower attack, but a much higher rate of fire. It is available to all civilizations except the Royal Naboo and the Trade Federation, though these civilizations still have unique designs, icons, and names for them.

The increased fire rate is an incredible improvement, dramatically increasing its usefulness. Any player that plans to use the Trooper line in their army, should research this upgrade as soon as possible.

"Available only at Tech Level 4 to several of the civilisations, Repeater Troopers fire more quickly than other Troopers do, and they're tougher to boot."
—Manual description

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Armament Edit

E-Web menu

The E-Web repeater in the Galactic Battlegrounds menu

  • The Imperial, Rebel and Republic Repeater Troopers are armed with E-Web heavy repeating blaster. Although, in game the repeater is depicted as being used by a single trooper while it actually needed to be crewed by two troopers and also had to be powered by an unwieldy generator.
  • The Confederacy Repeater Troopers are armed with repeaters which resemble the 1.4 FD P-Tower. This particular repeater model was first introduced to the Star Wars universe by Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns.

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