The Royal Crusader is a Trooper that is unique to the Royal Naboo, and is available at the Fortress in Tech Level 3. It is very effective against Mechs.

In Tech Level 4, it can be upgraded to the Elite Royal Crusader, which has more hit points, attack, armor, and pierce armor. In the expansion, it automatically gains shielding when upgraded.

"The Royal Naboo's mightiest warriors, Royal Crusaders are fearless close-quarters fighters that ride atop powerful mounts, together with which they can decimate ranks of enemy Troopers with relative ease."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

  • Originally, players had to research Shielding to give Royal Crusaders shields. In the expansion, they automatically gain shielding when upgraded to Elite.
  • Originally, a Royal Crusader cost 150 Food and 80 Nova. The price was lowered in the expansion.

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