The Scout is a Mech that is available at the Mech Factory in Tech Level 2. The player starts with a Scout in random map games.

Scouts have poor attack, and are not intended for use in combat, and, but they are fast and can spot stealth units.

"These rather flimsy units are very quick, and thus ideal for reconnaissance both at the beginning of a battle, and throughout. Note that while you'll often have access to a Scout unit at the beginning of a battle, you will not be able to build additional Scouts until you reach Tech Level 2. Furthermore, remember that Scout units carry advanced sensors capable of detecting otherwise invisible enemy forces."
—Manual description

List of Scouts Edit

  • Confederacy: Geonosian Speeder
  • Galactic Empire: Speeder Bike
  • Gungans: Swift
  • Rebel Alliance: Swoop Bike
  • Republic: Speeder Bike w/Clone Trooper
  • Royal Naboo: Udopal Speeder
  • Trade Federation: Speeder Platform
  • Wookiees: HummBike

Gallery Edit

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