The Shield Generator is a building that is available in Tech Level 3. It costs 250 Ore, and generates a shield around itself when powered. All friendly units and buildings within range of the Shield Generator will be shielded.

Shield Generators are very useful when defending a base. Not only will affected units and buildings double their hit points, but the shield also regenerates. This can make defensive units and structures present a much greater challenge to invading armies. When invading a base, it's usually wise to knock out the Shield Generator as quickly as possible - or at least destroy the nearby Power Cores, robbing the Shield Generator of power.

In the expansion, players can also research technologies that increases the strength of the Shield Generator, and reduces the speed at which its shield degenerates.

It must be noted that in no manner can a shield overlap another, adding further durability to units and buildings. This does not only mean that multiple shield generators placed nearby do not have their bonuses stacked up, but also that units protected by other shield types simply see their individual protection nullified. This is true for the Destroyer Droid, whose shield upgrade becomes futile under such circumstances.

Technologies Edit

The technologies are only available in the expansion.

Tech Level 3

"This highly useful Tech Level 3 structure casts a powerful shield on all buildings and units in its area of effect. Shields gradually regenerate, and effectively double the hit points of units and buildings that have them. Note that Shield Generators require nearby Power Cores to provide them with energy."
—Manual description

Trivia Edit

  • The Rebel Shield Generator resembles the one on Hoth in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

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