The Shipyard is a building that is available in Tech Level 1. It costs 160 Carbon, and lets players train and upgrade ships. It also acts as a drop-off point for Utility Trawlers.

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Tech Level 1
Tech Level 2
Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4

"This Tech Level 1 facility must be built on a coastline, and is used to produce the entire breadth of your naval forces. As such, if you plan to build a large fleet of Ships, multiple Shipyards will be essential. Initially, the Shipyard will only be able to produce Utility Trawlers, which are essentially seafaring worker units that can gather food through fishing, and that build AquaHarvesters for the same purpose. As you advance through the Tech Levels, Shipyards can be used to manufacture increasingly powerful Ships, including Cruisers, Advanced Frigates, and more."
—Manual description

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