Sight Beyond Sight is a technology in Clone Campaigns that is unique to the Republic, and can be researched at the Jedi Temple in Tech Level 4. It costs 350 Nova, and gives Jedi, Troopers, and Jedi Starfighters +6 Line of Sight.

This technology gives a Republic army containing Jedi or Troopers a very large scouting radius. The Jedi Starfighter becomes one of the best scouts in the game, particularly if combined with Jedi Mind Trick and Jedi/Sith Perception - an stealthed flying unit with a large Line of Sight that can detect invisible units.

"Unique to the Jedi serving the Republic, the Sight Beyond Sight ability enables Jedi to gain precognitive sight and pass the knowledge of their surroundings along to Troopers. This ability can be researched in Tech Level 4."
—Manual description

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