The Spaceport is a building that is available in Tech Level 2. It costs 180 Carbon, and lets players train Cargo Hovercraft. Players can then generate nova by sending the Cargo Hovercraft to another player's Spaceport. Players can also sell and buy resources at the Spaceport.

Trading is an excellent way of gathering nova, to supplement the income from Nova Deposits and garrisoned Holocrons. Trading with allies is easiest, but it's also possible to trade with a defeated enemy's Spaceport (though most human opponents will delete their Spaceport if they are defeated, to prevent this from happening).

Units Edit

Tech Level 2

Technologies Edit

Tech Level 2
Tech Level 3
Tech Level 4

"The Spaceport is a nexus of trade, and may be used to sell surpluses of resources, or buy those resources that are lacking. In addition, Spaceports may develop technology to make trading more profitable, and are also used to construct Cargo Hovercrafts for use in trading with allied civilisations. The Spaceport's Holonet Transceiver technology also lets you share line-of-sight information with your allies."
—Manual description

Gallery Edit

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