The Transport Ship is a Ship that is available at the Shipyard in Tech Level 2. It can transport land units across water, and is heavily armored, but is unable to defend itself. It can garrison 10 units, which can be increased with Redesigned Specifications.

"Though this Tech Level 2 vessel is unarmed, the Troopers it can ferry about have no such limitations. The Transport Ship is relatively well armoured, but still cannot withstand concentrated fire for long — and if it's scuttled, then all its contents will be lost. You may load Troopers into the transport by selecting them and right-clicking on it. Then use the Unload button when close to shore."
—Manual description

Notes Edit

The manual suggests that the Transport can only transport Troopers. This is incorrect; it can transport all land units.

List of Transport Ships Edit

  • Confederacy: Transport Ship
  • Galactic Empire: Transport Ship
  • Gungans: Transport Ship
  • Rebel Alliance: Transport Ship
  • Republic: Transport Ship
  • Royal Naboo: Transport Ship
  • Trade Federation: S-TRN
  • Wookiees: Transport Ship

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

  • Originally, it could only garrison five units, but in the expansion, this was increased to 10.

Trivia Edit

  • For unknown reasons, the Gungan Transport Ship is neither mechanical nor biological. This means that it cannot regain health in any way.

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