Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Wookiees is a civilization with strong Troopers and Aircraft. The Berserker is a fast-moving melee attacker with a high Rate of Fire, allowing it to do a lot of damage when it reaches its target. The Self Regeneration technology will give the Wookiees the strongest Troopers in the game, even better than Confederacy Troopers with Droid Upgrades.

Drawbacks are that they lack a lot of important technologies for Mechs, Ships, and Jedi.

The Wookiees have two campaigns: the Attichitcuk tutorial campaign, and Chewbacca.

"This hulking, fur-covered race is often perceived as being primitive, perhaps because its lush home world of Kashyyk is densely covered in foliage and also because Wookiees are reluctant to wear clothing. But in fact, among the Wookiees are many brilliant scientists and engineers who, in the face of the threat of Imperial slavery, managed to develop many powerful weapons. Their heavy weapons and aircraft are especially powerful, as are their Troopers, who fight with unbridled ferocity."
—Manual description

AI player names Edit

  • Attichitcuk
  • Busurra
  • Chalmun
  • Chewbacca
  • Gargachykk
  • Kallabow
  • Kerrithrarr
  • Kirlocca
  • Lowbacca
  • Mallatobuck
  • Quagga
  • Rorworr
  • Shoran
  • Tallamitta
  • Tarkazza
  • Triebakk
  • Vargi
  • Waroo